Sermon Response December 11, 2017

The Text: Read Luke 2:1-16


  1. Why do you think God chose Bethlehem as the birth city?

  2. What was the significance of the manger?

  3. Why do you think the angel of the Lord and the heavenly hosts came to lowly shepherds?

  4. What is the good news?


1. What in your life, aside from Jesus, brings you joy?

2. Have you ever experience the Great Joy that is found in Jesus? Explain.

3. How can you share this Great Joy with others this season?

4. What do you need to do today to better experience Jesus?


God may we experience the great joy that comes from knowing your Son. May our joy be found in you and not the things of this world. And Father help us to be generous with the Joy you give us. 

Chelsea Byrd