Sermon Response December 18, 2017

The Text: Read Luke 2:26-56


  1. Why was Mary highly favored by God?

  2. Why do you think she went to visit Elizabeth?

  3. When Mary returned to Nazareth what gave her the strength to face the ridicule?

  4. When you read Mary’s Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55) what stands out to you?


1. When in your life have you been asked by God to do something outlandish? What happened?

2. When it comes to humility how would you rank yourself? (be careful this is kinda a trick question)

3. What is the biggest lesson you learned from Mary in this passage?

4. What do you need to do differently this week to make this Christmas season all about Jesus?


God give us the grace to obey and surrender to you. Let this entire season be a season of worship and help us to realize that Christmas is not about us but instead all about Jesus. 

Chelsea Byrd