Sermon Response December 4, 2017

The Text:
Read Matthew 2:1-12


  1. What is the significance of Jesus being born in Bethlehem?

  2. Why did Herod want to find Jesus?

  3. Why were the Magi looking for Jesus?

  4. Why did the Magi bring those 3 specific gifts?


1. What is your focus during the Christmas Season? Explain.

2. Do you find it to be easier or harder to worship Jesus during this season? Explain.

3. What gift do you need to give someone this year, that you can’t buy on Amazon?

4. What do you need to do this season to make Jesus more the focus?


God thank you for your son Jesus. May our focus be on Him and Him alone. Give us the grace to love others the way you love us during this season. 

Chelsea Byrd