Sermon Response November 27, 2017

The Text: Read John 19:16-37


  1. Why did Pilate write the sign in 3 languages?

  2. What was significant about the guards dividing Jesus’ clothes?

  3. Discuss each of the three statements that John records Jesus making on the cross (1.Mother this is your son 2. I am thirsty 3. It is finished). Why do you think John included these three?

  4. What is the importance of the soldiers not breaking any of Jesus’ bones?


1. What was the purpose of Jesus’ death?

2. What is your heart’s response to Jesus’ death on the cross?

3. How does the cross impact the way you live your life?

4. What in your life needs to change because of the Cross?


Lord thank you for forgiving my sins. Help me to live as one who has been forgiven. 

Chelsea Byrd