John 6:60-69

Sermon Response


Read John 6:60-69

The response to Jesus’ sermon on the Bread of Life. 15,000 fans hear the message and all be 12 individuals walk away. Even Jesus’ followers claim that the teaching is hard. But Jesus knows its not the teaching that is driving them back to what they came from, but instead their lack of belief.


  1. What about the teaching of Jesus (John 6:25-59) was “hard”?

  2. Why do you think most of the people walked away from Jesus?

  3. Why do you think the 12 chose to stay?


People walk away from Jesus because of many circumstances.

  • The demands became too much

  • They didn’t like the teaching

  • They didn't receive what they were expecting (health, wealth,


  • They didn’t feel like their love was reciprocated

  • Everyone they know was leaving so they had no choice.

But really there is one reason why people follow Jesus and one reason why they leave. BELIEF... people stay because they believe and they leave because they don’t believe.


  1. What are some things in your life that you tend to turn back to, when things get hard?

  2. Do you associate more with Peter or the crowd? Why?

  3. How can our belief in Jesus grow? What are some things you are currently doing?

  4. Do you live your life in such a way as to proclaim that you will follow Jesus alone? If not what would need to look different?


God may we know and believe that Jesus is all we need. He is our hope and our peace. He is our eternity and or life for today. Help us live in such a way as to forsake everything this world offers to replace Jesus and give us grace to follow you all the days of our lives. 

Summit Church