John 6:37-59

Sermon Response

The Bread Of Life Pt. 2

John 6:37-59

Jesus is the Bread of Life, He is the one who came down from heaven and gives those who believe in Him eternal life. He also gives those who believe in Him full and abundant life each and every day. This life comes to those who live , trust and obey Him.

1. How does your time in the Word effect the way you feel on a daily basis?
2. Jesus says that we all must be taught by God. In order to be taught we must hear His voice. What are the ways in which you seek to hear the voice of God?
3. If you were to be honest with yourself, would you currently describe yourself as spiritually starving or feasting? Explain?
4. What would you need to do today to better experience Jesus as your Bread of Life?

Summit Church