John 7:1-10

Sermon Response


The Text: Read John 7:1-10

John takes us on a fast paced trip through Jesus’ second ministry tour. Verse one encompasses six months of ministry in the outskirts of Jewish territory. The rest of the text is a conversation between Jesus and his four brothers. In the conversation Jesus’ unbelieving brothers basically dare him to go to Jerusalem for the Festival of Tabernacles. Jesus declares that it is not his time to go and then appears to change his mind. In this passage we see one main truth. The World hates Jesus because he threatens their entire way of life.


  1. Why do you think Jesus’ brothers fail to believe in him?

  2. What does Jesus mean when he says his time has net yet fully come?

  3. Why does the world hate Jesus?

  4. What do you think happened between verse 9 and verse 10 that caused Jesus to go to the Festival?


The world hates Jesus because he is a threat to their comfort, ideology, theology, and their world view. To live as Christ is to live

counter-culturally to this world. This counter-cultural lifestyle will cause tension and will often times make it seem like the world hates you because of your love for Jesus.

  1. Have you ever felt hated by the world because of your belief in Jesus? Describe the experience.

  2. Do you believe that to be a follower of Christ you should look different than the world? If so how?

  3. How are we suppose to share the love of Christ if the world hates us? How do you tackle this challenge?

  4. What are the repercussions in your own life if you fail to look different than the world for the sake of making people feel comfortable?


God give us grace to be able to look more like you while taking the gospel to a hurting and dying world that does not like Christians. May we be purposeful in our love of others and fearless to proclaim the name of Jesus. 

Summit Church