John 9:13-38

Sermon Response


The Text: Read John 9:13-38

The pharisees are trying to poke holes in the blind man’s healing. They can’t except that Jesus has the power and authority to give sight to a man born blind. The pharisees come after the blind man and his parents, but the man take all they can throw at him and does so with one tested principle, he used his story. He answered most of their questions by simple stating that I was blind, and now I see.


  1. What was the purpose of pharisees interviewing the blind man

    and his parents?

  2. What were the ramifications of being kicked out of the synagogue?

  3. What made the blind man’s response to the pharisees so difficult to argue against?


  1. What event(s) in your life helped you to see Jesus clearly?

  2. Have you ever used your story to help someone else see Jesus? Explain.

3. Describe the moment in your life when you fully placed your faith and trust in Jesus Christ?


God let us see Jesus clearly. Help us understand where we are blind and see that you are working in our life to do to better reveal Jesus to us. Let us be intentional about helping others see Jesus. 

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