John 9:39-41

Sermon Response

Spiritual Blindness

The Text: Read John 9:39-41

Jesus has harsh words for the Pharisees. He lets them know that their knowledge of God and His word will ultimately be their judge. These three verses finish a long section surrounding the healing of a man born blind and Jesus masterfully uses the illustration of blindness to show how men and women need to humbly approach God and trust in Jesus.


  1. Jesus says that he came to the world for judgement (vs 39) yet there are other passages that he came to save the world. How can you explain this apparent contradiction in scripture?

  2. When Jesus says that the blind will see and those who see will become blind, what does he mean?

  3. Is it possible for the “blind” to not be guilty of sin (vs 41)? Or do you think all men are guilty of sin? Explain.


1. Describe in detail the moment of humility that surrounded you first “seeing” your need for Jesus.

  1. Explain the things in our culture that you think cause people to be “blind” to their need for Jesus.

  2. Who in your life is currently blind to their need for Jesus? How can you engage them with the good news of Jesus and help them see their need for a savior?


God let us all see daily our need for Jesus. In faith may we trust him to be for us our savior and lord. Let us follow him all the days of our lives. 

Summit Church