John 4:43-53

Sermon Response


Read John 4:43-53
The text begins with 3 verses that let us know Jesus is moving his ministry back to his home country of Galilee. He is aware that it is hard for “prophet” to be honored in his hometown but he needs to distance himself from those trying to kill him in Judea. The remainder of the text is the story of a “certain royal official” who comes to ask Jesus to heal his son who is sick and dying. The result of the story shows the official taking Jesus at his word and his son being healed.


  1. Why do you think Jesus responds the way he does in verse 48?

  2. What do you think is driving the desire of the crowd for Jesus to perform miracles?

  3. Why is faith without the presence of signs and wonders (miracles) so important to Jesus?

  4. At the end of the passage the entire family trusts in Jesus. At which point do you think the official believed? When he walked away from Jesus or after he got the news his Son was healed? Why?


Jesus wants us to believe in him because of who he is, not just what he does.

  1. Jesus’ sacrificial death and resurrection are suppose to be sufficient proof for us to place our faith and trust in Jesus as our good Lord and Savior. Why do you think some people need continued showings of power (miracles) to believe?

  2. Have you ever been guilty of trusting Jesus circumstantially? Tell the story.

  3. How do we simply take Jesus at His? (There are many many answers to this question and it should spur some great heart level discussion)


Someone google the promises of God and pray/read them over your group. Make this moment one of taking Jesus at Word regardless of your circumstances. 

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