John 4:27-42

Sermon Response


Read John 4:27-42
The second part of a story that begins with the woman at the well. The woman goes to tell her village (Sychar) that she has found the Messiah. Her approach is perfect. Knowing her reputation she draws her village in by saying I have met a man who knows everything I have ever done. Her testimony causes her entire village to travel 1/4 of mile to Jacob’s well where they spend two days with Jesus. The result is a miraculous harvest of souls. There is much we can learn from this story.


  1. How did the woman get her village to encounter Jesus? Answer: She used her story and appealed to their human nature. How can we do the same to draw others towards an encounter with Jesus?

  2. How can you better tell others in your life about Jesus?

  3. Jesus says in the text that the harvest field is ripe. Do you agree or disagree? Why?


The harvest is ripe. Some labor to plant and water the seed while others get to experience the harvest.

  1. In your life have you spent more time planting seeds or harvesting?

  2. Who are you currently praying for? Asking God to make their heart’s receptive.

  3. Jesus says that His food is doing the work of the Father. How does living on mission/purpose sustain you? Are you currently doing so?


Pray for the people in your life that you know need Jesus. This should be a powerful moment in your group! 

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