John 4:1-26

Sermon Response

The Woman At The Well

Read John 4:1-26
This passage is rich. It’s a conversation between Jesus and a Samaritan woman outside the village of Sychar in the middle of the desert. The conversation has many movements. Requests are made, social barriers are addressed, the topic of living water (eternal life) finds its way into the conversation, true worship that God the Father seeks is explained, and then almost as an after thought Jesus makes his first out right proclamation that he is the Messiah. That’s a lot of stuff. While it is all very very good we will focus our discussion today on verses 21-24.


  1. The Jews and the Samaritans each believed they worshiped the same God but they differed on the “right” location to worship. What cultural examples exist today of places where it is “right” or preferred to worship? Ie. church, passion conference, ect.

  2. What would you say characterizes the “kind” of worship that God the Father seeks?

  3. When Jesus says clearly that God is Spirit. Does that effect the way you see God (your theology)? How?

  4. Does God being Spirit effect the way you worship Him? How?


We are to worship God in Spirit and Truth.

  1. What is the truth of the gospel that we need to apply to our lives before we can worship God fully? Have you done this?

  2. How can you live a spirit-filled, spirit-empowered life of worship? What is hindering you from doing so? How does the gospel become the remedy for these hinderances?

  3. The next time you come to corporate worship how will today’s discussion impact you?


God may we no longer seek to worship you in particular places or in particular ways but may our spirit cry out to your Spirit and may we worship you every day of our lives as your Spirit enables.

Summit Church