John 5:1-15

Sermon Response


Read John 5:1-15
A story with an unexpected ending. Jesus walks by a pool surrounded by paralyzed, lame, and blind people hoping to be healed when the waters are stirred. Jesus sees one man afflicted for 38 years and tells him dramatically to pick up his “cot” and walk. The man is miraculously healed and immediately heads toward the temple to worship God. Here comes the twist. The religious leaders (pharisees) confront the man and ask him why he is breaking the Sabbath law by carrying his mat. The man tries to throw Jesus under the bus but can’t seem to find him. The passage ends with Jesus telling the healed man to “stop sinning”


  1. Why do you think John tells this story? What truth is God wanting us to learn from verses 1-15?

  2. What do you think drove the pharisees to overlook a miraculous healing and focus on a “possible” Sabbath law violation? Do you ever fall into the same trap? How?

  3. What “sin” is Jesus telling the healed man to stop?

  4. When Jesus says something worse may happen to you. What is he talking about?


  1. Jesus commands all who follow him to “Stop sinning.” How can a Christian possibly stop sinning?

  2. What roles does grace play in one becoming holy (not sinning)? How does grace effect your daily life?

  3. I (Todd) described a pendulum that swings between self- righteousness and using grace as a license to sin. Where do you currently fall on this pendulum?

  4. How do you use the grace of God to position yourself in the center of this pendulum, where grace produces a Christ-like holy life?


Ask God for the grace to be holy and able to battle sin by trusting in Jesus, while also using His grace to keep you from become self- righteous and thinking that your good behavior puts God in your debt. 

Summit Church