Sermon Response

March 6, 2016

The Text: John 12:1-8

Jesus is now only 2 miles away from Jerusalem. He arrives at the house of Simon the Leper and he is greeted with a meal in his honor. During the meal, Mary anoints Jesus with a very expensive perfume. Mary’s extravagant act is ridiculed by the disciples, especially the thief Judas Iscariot. But Jesus comes to her rescue and lets all those present know that what Mary has done is beautiful because she is anointing him for his burial.


  1. What are the three reasons a person would be anointed in the first century? (answer: They were the guest of honor at a banquet, they were being anointed king, for burial)

  2. Why do you think Mary anointed Jesus? Explain.


  1. Have you ever done anything extravagant in your worship of God? Explain.

  2. What stops you from doing extravagant things for God?

  3. What best fuels your love for God? Explain.


Lord may we be motivated by your love for us in Christ Jesus. May that love cause our souls to worship you and may that worship be extravagant. You are worthy of all our praise and honor. 

Chelsea Byrd