Sermon Response August 19, 2018

The Text: Nehemiah 1


  1. Why do you think the news of the wall impacted Nehemiah so heavily?

  2. Do you think it was the wall or the news that the people were in trouble and a disgrace that moved Nehemiah more?

  3. Why do you think Nehemiah prayed in the way that he did?


1. Do you have a typical “way” that you pray. Explain why or why not.

  1. What causes you to stand in awe of God? Does this feeling happen often in your life?

  2. When you pray do you find yourself confessing your brokenness to God? Why or why not.

  3. What is the one thing you need to ask God to do in your life?

Take time as a group to share those request and then spend a good amount of time praying for one another.


Lift up the previously mentioned prayer requests.

Chelsea Byrd