Sermon Response August 26, 2018

The Text:Nehemiah 2


  1. Why do you think Nehemiah waited 4 months to ask the king for permission to go to Jerusalem?

  2. Why do you think Artaxerxes sent soldiers and calvary with Nehemiah?

  3. What made the leaders of Trans Euphrates so angry with the people of Israel?


1. Has God ever laid on your heart to do something for Him? Tell the story.

  1. Have you ever experienced opposition toward a God given calling in your life? Explain.

  2. How do you typically respond to opposition in your life?

  3. Is there something in your life now that God has laid on your heart but you, for whatever reason, are reluctant to pursue it?

When God calls he equips and he is the one who will cause his plans to succeed!!!!


God we pray that you speak to your children and that we will be faithful and obedient with the opportunities you give us. May the world be changed through the success you give to those you call.

Chelsea Byrd