Sermon Response May 14, 2018

The Text:Ruth 3


  1. Why did Naomi tell Ruth to bathe and go to the threshing floor?

  2. Why did Ruth ask Baoz to cover her with the corner of his garment?

  3. Why do you think Boaz was so thankful when he realized it was Ruth at his feet?


1. Since Boaz is a picture of Jesus. Which of his actions as kinsmen-redeemer bring you the most hope?

2. What do you see about the character of Ruth and Boaz that you need to apply to your own life?

3. Did you or do you listen to your mom? Why or why not.

4. How can parents push their children toward Jesus? Have you been able to do this in your life? Explain.


God, thank you for redeeming even the most unlikely of sinners. Help us all run toward you and seek you as our hope and joy. We need more of you Jesus. Thank you for being our redeemer!

Chelsea Byrd