Sermon Response May 20, 2018

The Text:Ruth 4:1-11


  1. Why did Boaz go to the city gate?

  2. Why did Boaz call the nearer kinsmen-redeemer “friend”?

  3. Since Ruth chose Boaz as her kinsmen-redeemer why do you think Boaz wanted to give the nearer redeemer a chance to redeem Ruth?


1. Have you ever been pursued by someone or something? (This does not have to be a romantic pursuit) Tell the story.

2. Why do you think people like to be pursued?

3. How does God pursue his people?

4. Have you ever responded to God’s pursuit of you? How did your life change?


God, thank you for loving and pursuing us. We see your love and care through the actions of Jesus on the cross. May we continue to express our gratitude to you in the form of worship and service.

Chelsea Byrd