Sermon Response July 1, 2018
The Text: Ezra 5

1. 2.
3. 4.
Why did God sent the prophets to Jerusalem?
Why did Tattenai ask for the names of those constructing the temple?
What does Ezra mean when he says the “eye of God was upon them?”
How would you grade the response that the Jews gave to King Darius? Explain your answer.
1. Tell of a time when you knew God was watching over you?

 2. The returnees to Jerusalem realized that is was God’s will for their families to have been exiled in Babylon. How do you respond to a God who would act in such a manor just to secure the hearts of his people?
3. What area in your life is God currently trying to get you change but you have been sitting on for quit some time?
God, may we trust you and faithfully follow you all the days of our lives.

Chelsea Byrd