Sermon Response June 24, 2018

The Text:Read Ezra 4

The Jews who have returned run into opposition to them rebuilding the temple and have to stop working.


  1. The Jews went from a spiritual high of getting back to Jerusalem to a spiritual low of having to stop rebuilding. What is an example you having experienced something similar in your life?

  2. The Jews faced opposition for wanting to exclusively rebuild the temple, have you ever had to face opposition for exclusively following Christ?

  3. Though enforced by men, God allowed the rebuilding of the temple to be stopped. What is an example of one time in your life that God directed things differently than you would have preferred?


1. Should there be an expectation of our lives being smooth and easy once we accept Christ? In your life, when things don’t go the way you want, how have you reacted and what does that say about our believed about life being easy as a Christian?

  1. Is there someone in your life that is dealing with the question of whether to choose trust in God this week? Is there someway for you to reach out and help them?

  2. CHALLENGE: Discuss those that may be struggling with trust in God this week and then commit to pray for them everyday.


God, help us trust you when we don’t know what’s next and help us to see and act on the opportunities you give us to be your hands and feet this week.

Chelsea Byrd