May 29, 2017

The Text: Read John 13:1-17

Jesus is in the upper room having the last supper with his disciples. Prior to the meal the disciples had been fighting about who would be the greatest and Jesus took the opportunity to teach a powerful lesson about true greatness. Jesus chose to use few words but his actions left little room for misunderstanding. Jesus having all authority and power humbled himself and performed the job of the lowest servant by washing his disciple’s feet. Jesus then commanded his followers to do for others as he had done for them.


  1. Why do think Jesus chose to wash his disciple’s feet?

  2. What do you think caused Peter to respond to Jesus the way he did?

  3. When Jesus says he must cleanse Peter, what does he mean?


  1. Why is it so difficult for us to serve others?

  2. When was the last time you sacrificially served someone else?

  3. When you think of what Jesus did for you on the cross does it motivative you to do the same for others? Explain.

4. Who do you need to serve this week?


God give me a heart to serve those around me. May I have a heart that seeks to serve because I have been served by you. 

Chelsea Byrd