May 22, 2017

The Text: Read John 12:37-50

Jesus is explaining how some of the Jewish worshipers have chosen not to believe in Him despite His many miraculous signs. Jesus quotes Isaiah 6:10 to inform his listener that God is hardening the heart of some for the specific purpose of saving many (read Romans 11:25-26). When we looked at the other places Isaiah 6:10 is quoted in the New Testament we see several reasons why people would choose to not believe in Jesus: 1) The preaching of the gospel was flawed. 2) The listener could care less. 3) God is hardening hearts for a purpose 4) The listener desires the praise of man more than the praise of God.

Discuss: Respond:

  1. How could bad preaching cause unbelief? Give examples. How can you combat others bad preaching?

  2. What do you do when a person could literally care less about hearing the gospel?

  3. How do you personally handle the scriptures that say God hardens hearts and blinds eyes to the gospel? Do you think there is a balanced approach to these passages? Explain.

4. How does the fear of man cause unbelief. How can we combat this fear in ourselves? And in others?


God may those who currently do not believe in your Son find faith in Him. 

Chelsea Byrd