Sermon Response January 29, 2018

The Text: John 20:10-18


  1. Why do you think Mary stayed at the tomb after Peter and John left?

  2. The angels and Jesus both ask Mary why she is crying. Why do you think she was crying?

  3. When Jesus spoke Mary’s name she immediately realized it was him. Why do you think his first two questions did not get her attention?

  4. Why could Mary not hold on to Jesus?


  1. Have you ever been faced with such daunting circumstances that it made it impossible for you to hear and believe the truth of God? Explain.

  2. Has God ever called you by name to pull you out of a dark place? Explain.

3. What does it make you feel like to know that through Jesus you are now sons and daughters of God? (Jesus called the disciples brothers)

4. What is God calling you away from this week?


God call us each by name that we may know and experience your love and grace! 

Chelsea Byrd