Sermon Response January 22, 2018

The Text: John 20:1-9

1. Why do you think Mary (and the other women) were going to the tomb that morning? Considering that Joseph and Nicodemus had already prepared Jesus’ body.
2. Why do you think John made such a big deal out of beating Peter to the tomb?
3. When John saw the empty tomb he believed. Why do you think this was enough for him and not the others?


 1. What have you seen or experienced in your life that has caused you to believe in Jesus?
2. What has God resurrected in you? Have you seen God make a dead part of your life alive again?
3. What do you need God to resurrect in you today?
God thank you for your resurrecting power. Come and resurrect us and let us live the life you so graciously bought for each of us.

Chelsea Byrd