John 2:23-3:21

Sermon Response

For God So Loved The World

Read John 2:23 - John 3:21

Placed in the middle of this passage we find John 3:16. The one passage that defines Christianity. This passage lies in the middle of a beautiful conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus.


Why was Nicodemus initially attracted to Jesus? Do you fell like many follow Jesus simply to avoid Hell?

What does it mean to you to be born again (born from above)? What role does the Holy Spirit play in this rebirth?

Do you feel like Jesus’ beautiful yet demanding gospel (John 3:16-21) is the gospel you responded to? What does it demand?


Are you willing to to be stripped bare of everything you hold dear and be clothed only in Christ? That is the demand of the gospel of Jesus.

Does the Holy Spirit rule your life? How can you be more Spirit led?
Do you think the demands of Jesus upon ones life are justified? Why or why not.


Ask that God will pour out his love upon each person in your group. Ask for the grace necessary to believe and live under the authority and direction of the holy Spirit.

Summit Church