John 3:22 - John 3:36

Sermon Response


Read John 3:22 - John 3:36

Jesus is baptizing and his fame is growing. Some disciples of John the Baptist (not the author of the gospel) come to John and ask him to explain why Jesus is stealing their fame, position, and name in the community. John’s answer, starting in verse 27, will validate for us all why he is referred to as the greatest man ever born of a woman (Matthew 11:11)


In John’s response to his disciples he gives three amazing life lessons!

1. A man can receive nothing unless it is given to him from heaven. (vs 27)

John is referring to his ministry... He knew that he received his ministry from God and therefore he can’t get all bent out of shape if it starts to wain.

God has given us life, purpose, resources, hope, and eternity. Who are we to question him if things don’t go our way.

In the past how have you responded to loss in your life?
Do you see everything you have as a gift from God? How does that make you live life today?

2. True joy comes from celebrating your friends accomplishment (vs 28-30)

He must become greater, I must become less!!!!!!!
John found his complete Joy in making much of Jesus even though it mean

loosing the spot light.

Do you rejoice when others succeed?

Are you willing to become less so that Jesus can become more? What are the biggest hinderances you see to this way of living?

Talk about a time in your life where you saw God receive Glory even though you received no recognition...

3. Believe in and obey Jesus (vs 31-36)

This is the fundamental life lesson. This life lesson assures eternal life and allows you to apply the first two lessons. Noting is more important!!!!!

Do you think this is the most foundational life lesson? Why or why not?


Look intently at your life. In what area do you need to decrease so Jesus can increase?
Which life lesson do you most need to grow in this week? Tell your group and hold each other accountable.


God help us see the areas where we stand in the way of you. Make us humble and willing to lay down our lives for the sake of your glory. Give us clarity to see where we fall short and give us grace to see that our greatest joy comes from making much of you. 

Summit Church