Sermon Response Oct 30, 2017

The Text:
Read John 18:12-14 and 19-24


  1. Why did they take Jesus to Annas first?

  2. Why do you think the religious leaders decided to overlook all of their judicial rules regarding Jesus’ trial?

  3. Why did the solider slap Jesus for providing a true answer?


1. When you read the story of Jesus’ arrest and trial what emotions do you feel?

2. By reading Matthew 26:57-68 we get a picture of what happened to Jesus during the trial. Why do you think John left out this part?

3. In your life you will face evil people set on knocking you off course how do you respond? How should a follower of Christ respond?

4. Is there anything in your life that you need Jesus to overcome? What is it and do you have the faith to allow him to do so??


God thank you for giving us a way to overcome evil. May we cling to Jesus and boldly walk the path you have for us all. 

Chelsea Byrd