John 10:40-42

Sermon Response

Leaving Jerusalem

The Text:
Read John 10:40-42 & Luke 13:22-30

John tells us that Jesus went to back to where it all began. Jesus goes to preach and teach in the area on the other side of the Jordan river. While there many believed in him. Luke gives us an idea of what Jesus did as he taught from village to village on his four month trip back to Jerusalem. The message is the same every time - You are guilty of sin and need to repent and turn to faith in Jesus. You need to take the narrow path in order to be with God for eternity at the Messianic Banquet in Heaven.


  1. Why did Jesus leave Jerusalem?

  2. What is the narrow door? Why will few enter?

  3. What does Jesus mean when he says the door will be closed? When does this happen for us?

  4. What is the evil for which God will send many away?

  5. Who are the people that will come from the north, south, east and



  1. Why do many people refuse to believe Jesus is the only way to God? How do you address this lack of belief with them?

  2. In Jesus message there is urgency. Choose Jesus before the door closes, do you think this is a motivating factor in helping others believe in Jesus? How can you use it without causing fear?

  3. Are you ready? Do you know that if the door closed on you right now you would be β€œIN”? Why or why not?


Lord may we place our full trust in your today and may we help those who are far from you do the same! 

Summit Church