John 10:22-39

Sermon Response


The Text: Read John 10:22-39

Jesus returns to Jerusalem for the Festival of Dedication. The Jews living in Jerusalem try to set a trap for Jesus. They confront Jesus and tell him to stop being a coward and tell them plainly if he really is the Messiah. Jesus avoids the questions and points them back to his works as the validation that he is the Messiah. Jesus then proceeds to say that He and the Father are one. The Jews pick up stones to kill Jesus for his blasphemy but Jesus causes them to drop the rocks by asking “for which good work are you killing me?” He then goes to scripture and reminds the Jews that God himself referred to the prophets as gods.


  1. What were the people celebrating during the Festival of Dedication ?

  2. What “good works” were Jesus referring to in verse 25?

  3. When Jesus says, “that He and the Father are one” what does he


  4. What do you believe about Eternal Security/Once saved always saved (vs 28-29)?

  5. How does Jesus argue that he is greater than the prophets that God called little “g” gods?


  1. The foundational work of Jesus for us today is His resurrection. Why do you believe in the resurrection? What would it mean for Christians if Jesus did not rise from the dead?

  2. The building blocks of belief cause us to better trust God for our today and tomorrow. Currently do you have the peace, hope, and confidence to trust Jesus for your today and tomorrow? Why or why not?

  3. Where are you on the steps of belief: (1)Belief in the Resurrection, (2)belief in the infallible Word of God, (3) belief that daily living out the word will produce the abundant life God promises, (4)belief in Jesus for your today and tomorrow? What would it take for you to get to the next step?


Lord grant us a double portion of faith and help us trust in you for our today and tomorrow. 

Summit Church