April 10, 2017

The Text:
Read John 12:12-16 with Mark 11:1-11

The triumphal entry. Jesus is on the move. He is headed to Jerusalem and the worshipers gathered within the city are excited to witness history. They line the parade route from the Mount of Olives to the gates of Jerusalem. They sing and cheer and rejoice for they believe their Messiah has finally arrived and they have front row seats to witness history.


  1. Why did John choose to only highlight the Old Testament references in his telling of the triumphal entry? (hint vs 16 is important)

  2. Why did Jesus choose to ride into Jerusalem on a colt?

3. Why did Jesus enter Jerusalem and then almost immediately turn around and go back to Bethany?


  1. Has God ever failed to meet your expectations? Explain.

  2. What primarily fuels your worship of God? Give examples.

  1. Who is Jesus to you and why is he worthy of your worship?

  2. What do you need to do today to fully surrender to the King?


Lord help us worship you because you are the king. Let us know you more and in knowing you let our hearts be moved toward you. Forgive us when we allow emotion and circumstance to dictate our worship. Give us the grace necessary to daily surrender to you. 

Chelsea Byrd