Sermon Response 

March 26, 2017

The Text:
Read Zachariah 8:18-23

An old testament prophecy declaring the power of God’s people to draw in the nations with their happiness, joy, peace, truth and powerful prayer. The idea is simple, all people are seeking God and those who know God are the reference point in which the lost people can find an invisible God.


  1. How are the people of God suppose to make the four required fasts a joyous festival?

  2. What does it mean to entreat the Lord? Why do people have a need to entreat the Lord?

  3. Why do you think 10 people want to cling to the hem of one Jews robe?


  1. If someone didn’t know God would they be able to see Him in you? Explain.

  2. Have you ever had someone approach you out of the blue and want to know about God? Tell the story.

  1. Why did God choose to make His reference point the church?

  2. How can the church be a better reference point for God?

  3. Which of the reference point marks do you most need to grow in, - Happiness, Truth, Peace, Powerful Prayer? Why and how will you do this?


God make us your reference point. May we be full of happiness, truth, peace and God please hear our faith filled prayers. Let us be for this world the means by which all peoples can come to know you. 

Chelsea Byrd