Sermon Response

February 5, 2017

The Text:
Genesis 2:15 & Ephesians 5:25-28

In the beginning God created man to work and care for all that He entrusted to him. This same purpose applies to our marriage relationships. When a man fails to work humans suffer. When a man fails to work at marriage the relationship suffers. Ephesians 5 speaks of four jobs that a man is to do in the marriage relationship.

The four jobs are: Sacrificially love his wife, lead his wife by washing her in the water of the Word, work at presenting his wife blameless before God, and work daily at being selfless. When a man does his job a marriage will flourish.


  1. Describe how a man’s laziness could cause a marriage to suffer?

  2. What does it look like for a man to sacrificially love his wife?

  3. What does a man need to do in order to wash his wife in the water of the Word?

  4. What are the best ways for a man to encourage his wife in the things of the Lord?

  5. When a man is selfless and places the needs of his wife before his own a wife feels valued. Why is selflessness something you need to work at daily?

1. Singles: How can you begin to apply the truths from the text

before getting into a serious relationship.

2. Married Couples: What do you need to do to cause your marriage to flourish?


God help us live into our designed purpose. Cause men to work and in doing so may you cause marriages to flourish. May we honor our marriages in the same way that your Son loves and honors the Church. 

Chelsea Byrd