Sermon Response March 4, 2018

The Text: Read I John 4:7-12

John is addressing the false doctrine that God is disconnected from mankind, but in so doing lays down the understanding of the Gospel cycle: God loved (did what it took for us to be in relationship with God) us and so we love (do what it takes to point people to Christ) others.


  1. Is there anything peculiar or difficult that stands out from the passage?

  2. Is the issue of believing that God is not relevant to our world an issue today? Why or why not?

  3. What is the difference between loving something/someone and wanting what is best for them?


  1. When you think over the last week, if people were evaluating who God is by watching you, what would that God be like?

  2. Is there anything in your life that is keeping you from being a part of God’s cycle of love? Anything keeping you from accepting God’s love or anything keeping you from showing God’s love to others?

3. John clearly says that our relationship with Christ should not simply be private, how in our hypersensitive culture can you share God’s love without being offensive?


God, help us love those around us as you loved us, even when its difficult and clear out anything keeping us from knowing your love for us and showing that love this week. 

Chelsea Byrd