Sermon Response November 11, 2018

The Text:Nehemiah 13


  1. How do you think Jerusalem fell into such great sin?

  2. Do you feel like Nehemiah’s response to the sin was justified? Explain.

  3. Why was the observation of the Sabbath so important to God?

  4. It appears the Eliashib was extremely guilty of sin. He allowed Tobiah to have the storerooms in the Temple and he took a foreign wife. Why do you think religious leaders are so susceptible to moral corruption? How can you as a church member help support your pastors?


  1. Do you have a Nehemiah in your life? Someone who can call you out, cause you to repent, and point you toward Jesus.

  2. Have you ever experienced the benefit of having a Nehemiah?

  3. How can you homegroup better function as your Nehemiah(s)?

  4. What would look different in your life if you gave someone complete access to your inner most thoughts and struggles while asking them to be a spiritual mentor? What is stopping you from doing this now?


God never let us be complacent in our sin!

Chelsea Byrd