John 7:53-8:11

Sermon Response


Read John 7:53-8:11

A trap is set. The pharisees and religious leaders want Jesus dead.

They can’t kill him because of his current popularity so they devise a

plan that should spell the end for Jesus. The religious leaders pull a

woman caught in the act of adultery into the temple courts and throw

her at the feet of Jesus. Then they ask him, the Law of Moses says we

have to stone her, what do you say? Jesus, who is now judge, is stuck

if he says, “stone the woman” then the Roman soldiers would arrest

him, and if he lets her go then the Jews will abandon him because he

doesn't uphold the Law. Jesus can not be trapped, instead he bends

down and starts to write in the sand. I think he writes the names of

the religious leaders in the dust. Read Jeremiah 17:13. The religious

leaders then leave one at a time from the oldest to the youngest.


1. What did Jesus write in the sand? Do you believe it was the

names of the religious leaders? Why or why not.

2. Why does Jesus not condemn the woman caught in adultery?

3. What does it mean when Jesus says, “let he who is without sin

cast the first stone?”


1. Have you ever experience the “gut bunch” reality that through

your actions you have forsaken God? Explain.

2. Have you ever experienced forgiveness like the woman in the

passage? Explain.

3. To forsake Jesus is to forsake God. Do you see the church

forsaking Jesus in anyway? How do we address this problem?


God may we never forsake you. May we live our lives constantly

dependent upon your grace and obedient to you Word. Help us

show mercy just as we have been shown mercy and to never shy away

from the truth that you are God.

Summit Church