Sermon Response June 3, 2018

The Text:Ezra 1


  1. Why did God wait so long to rebuild His temple?

  2. Why do you think Cyrus allowed anyone who wanted to return to Jerusalem?

  3. Why did the “survivors” give silver and gold along with free-will offerings?

  4. Why did Ezra include the inventory list into his story?


  1. Have you ever felt like God moved you at a heart level to do something? How did you respond?

  2. When it comes to “going” or “funding” missions which side do you lean towards and why?

  3. When grasp that God can work by using the King of Persia to accomplish his will, how do you feel about his ability to work in your life?

  4. How will your life look different after reading the first chapter of Ezra?


God, make us aware of your great power and may that knowledge strengthen our faith and our trust in you every day of our lives.

Chelsea Byrd