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It is not hard to feel a lack of peace during this time of year. With family in town and holiday parties on top of our normal schedules in can seem overwhelming. Along with busyness there also come some very sorrowful moments as this time of year reminds us of loved ones we have lost. Whatever it is that makes us feel anxious God has other plans for us.

In the following home group we will be looking at two passages that we will put together. In our first section of scripture in Matthew 6 we will see Jesus as He calls us to not be anxious. We are reminded that God can take care of what we will eat and what we will wear. Our focus should not be on earthly things but heavenly things. While this is always easier said that done. We must remind our people that this is a shift in priority and focus for us that can create peace in our life.

The second piece of scripture is found John 15. This scripture will couple with the one before to give us an even closer look at how we find true peace in our life. Abiding in Jesus Christ will lead to spiritual fruit in our lives. If we are not attached to the vine when we should not expect to that good spiritual fruit in our life. We will take a look at what this means and how we can abide in HIm.

Goals for Home Group

- Communicate that abiding in Christ and seeking His Kingdom over our desires will lead to peace in our life.

- Take time and pray for people in your group struggling to experience peace currently in their lives.

DECEMBER 2, 2018


1. Matthew 6:25-34 2. John15:1-11

Read Matthew 6: 25-34




  • -  We see this “Therefore”statement at the start of this passage .What is the larger context that Jesus is teaching on here in Scripture?

  • -  Why do you think God is desiring for us to not be anxious?

  • -  What does being anxious rob from us in our life?

    Read John 15:1-11

  • -  What can we learn from this analogy given in John 15 in how peace is produced in our life?

  • -  How are abiding in Christ and Seeking His Kingdom in Matthew 6 connected and similar ideas?


  • -  What are as of our life bring us the biggest anxieties?

  • -  What does it practically look like for you to seek God’s Kingdom and abide in Him when it comes to your work/family/community?


  • -  Make sure to take time and pray for anyone that is walking through difficulty that is leading to stress in their life.

  • -  Ask God to make you a group that shares the burdens of one another.


Adult Discussion:

Children Teaching Element

  1. How do we teach our kids to strive and grow but not be overwhelmed by stress?

  2. What are ways that we as parents can add stress to our children’s lives? How do we change this?

  3. What are good Bible stories to share with our children to teach they can trust God and don’t need to worry?

Chelsea Byrd