Sermon Response4/16/18

The Text:Ruth 1:1-5


  1. Why do you think God sent/allowed a famine in Bethlehem?

  2. Why do you think such misfortune fell upon Elimelek’s family.

  3. Why did God forbid the Moabite’s from entering His assembly? Deut 23:3-6


1. Have you ever walked more by sight than faith? Explain.

2. Give an example from your life when you knew God forbid your actions yet you did it anyway.

3. When faced with trials in your life how do you respond? Endure, Run, Overcome through God.

4. Would you rather have a perfect life devoid of God or a life full of trial with God? Explain why.


God, help us seek you in every aspect of our life. May our lives reflect your word and your glory. Let us love you and face the trials of this world with faith. May we walk with you Jesus.

Chelsea Byrd