Sermon Response January 7, 2018
The Text: Exodus 15:22-25a

The Israelites have left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea. They are now setting out to begin their journey to the Promised Land. As they begin their journey they are confronted with what would become the first of many roadblocks, they were running out of water. They grumbled but Moses cried out to God and God responded but turning the bitter water sweet.
1. Why would the Israelites want to stay at the Red Sea rather than move on to the Promised Land? Where do we see that same idea in our walks with Jesus today?
2. Why do you think the Israelites, who had just witnessed God do amazing miracles, struggle with trusting God as they begin to run out of water? Has there ever been a time where God did something big in your life and then very soon you had situational forgetfulness when it came to trusting God? If so, when?
3. What do you think the people thought when Moses threw a log in the water? Has there ever been a time where God asked you to do something that seemed strange but ended up serving a purpose?

1. Are there any ways that God is calling you to move out of your comfort zone in your life right now?
2. Do you have any roadblocks in your life keeping you from moving forward in your relationship with Christ?
3. How can you react to that roadblock and still show that you trust God?
4. By Moses throwing the log in the water, he was helping remove the roadblock in front of the entire people. Is there something you can do for some else this week to help remove a roadblock from their lives?
God help me to see those roadblocks in my life that keep me from being who you want me to be. Help me to trust you, as my loving daddy, with all of those situations, and give me the wisdom and motivation to help remove those roadblocks from my life and from the lives of those around me.

Chelsea Byrd