Sermon Response March 25, 2018

The Text: Mark 5:1-20

Mark tells the story of a man who was afflicted by an unclean spirit (demon) and what happened to him when his life intersected with Jesus. He was a mess before he met Jesus, but he experienced a radical transformation after he met Jesus. In what areas of life do you need a radical transformation?


  1. What was the condition of the man before he met Jesus? Can you relate to this man? In what ways were you similar before you met Jesus?

  2. This man begged Jesus to leave him just like He found him. Why would anyone want to stay in this condition? Have you ever been guilty of being comfortable staying in a bad condition?

  3. Why is change so hard?

  4. What was this man’s condition like after he met Jesus? What changes happened in your life when you met Jesus?

  5. Why is it so hard to follow Jesus, even if our circumstances don’t change?


  1. Is there an area of sin that you need to ask Jesus to remove from your life?

  2. Sometimes our circumstance doesn’t change, but we change. How does personal transformation help you deal with unchanging circumstances?

  3. The man wanted to stay with Jesus - which is the proper desire of a disciple, but Jesus had a mission for the man - which is the proper response of a disciple. Who do you need to tell about what Jesus has done for you and how He has shown you mercy?

  4. Do you find yourself regularly responding to God in obedience and worship because of His love for you, or are you just acknowledging him out of fear?


Lord Jesus, I want to be transformed by you. I know that it could be hard and painful, but I know that in the end it will turn out for my benefit and for your glory. I know that changed will NOT happen AROUND me until it happens IN me. Change me to be the person you designed me to be. Help me influence the people in my life to be changed by you because they see the change you have made in me. Give me peace to handle the circumstance that do not change in my life, and give me grace to love like you do. Help me to be on mission for you - sharing with others how much you have done for me and how much mercy you have shown me. Amen. 

Chelsea Byrd