June 12, 2017

The Text: Read John 13:31-38

In this passage Jesus will predict Peter’s denial and gives his disciples a new command. The command itself is to love one another. This is not the new part. The new part is the way in which his disciples are to love. They are to love others the same way Jesus loves them... completely and sacrificially by laying down their lives. This is how the world will know His disciples.


  1. Why did Jesus say that he was now glorified (vs 31-32)?

  2. Why can the disciples not go where Jesus is going?

3. Why do you think Jesus calls his command to love new? Explain.

4. What is the difference between Peter’s denial and Judas’ betrayal?


  1. What makes loving people so hard?

  2. Is it possible to truly love someone


  3. What fuels your love for others? How are you

    currently doing at this task?

  4. Have you ever tasted the sweet joy of forgiveness? Explain.


God you have shown us how to love others. Your sacrifice of Jesus demonstrates for us perfect love. God give us grace to love others well. Let us taste your grace and forgiveness and may it fuel our love. May the world know that we are your disciples by the way we love. 

Chelsea Byrd