Sermon Response September 4, 2017

The Text: Read John 16:16-22

Jesus lets his disciples know the time has come for him to go. When he leaves they will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. But Jesus gives them the most beautiful of promises... their grief will turn to joy and no one will be able to take it from them.


  1. Why do you think Jesus used the term “A little while?

  2. When the Jesus says the world will rejoice... What will they world be rejoicing?

  3. What will the disciples be mourning?


1. Have you ever experienced Jesus turn your grief to joy? Explain.

  1. Do you feel like the promise Jesus gave his disciples applies to you? Why or why not.

  2. I believe that the way Jesus turns grief to joy is by allowing us, through faith, to see suffering in a different light. Have you ever seen suffering produce joy in your life? Explain.

4. How does God need to change you, so you can experience joy even in times of grief?


God flip the script on grief and suffering! Give us the grace to see suffering through the eyes of faith and allow us to walk through these seasons with hope. May our joy in you never be taken away. 

Chelsea Byrd