John 1:35-51

Sermon Response

The Call

Read John 1:35-51
Can you identify the three different ways that people decided to follow Jesus???

Answer: 1) John and Andrew saw Jesus and heard, that he was the Lamb of God, and then followed. 2) Philip was called by Jesus directly. 3) Simon and Nathanael were told by their brothers and choose to follow.


Which one of those three callings to discipleship sounds the most like your own? Describe how you decided to follow Jesus.

- This will be a great time in your group to hear a part of their testimony that many probably leave out. The decision to follow Jesus as a disciple is one that usually comes sometime after one initial puts their faith in Jesus. Try to flesh out what caused the members of your group to make the choice to follow Jesus.


The definition of a disciple is taken from the understanding of how a Rabbi would call students to be full blown disciples. In the first century if a Rabbi asked a young man to “follow” them they were asking that “disciple” to come learn to teach what I teach, do what I do, and carry on for me in my absence.

Therefore the definition of a disciple of Jesus is one who teaches what Jesus taught, lives in the same way Jesus lived, and represents Jesus in His absence.

Jesus calls all of his disciples to come and die... die to oneself and live for Jesus as you reflect Jesus to the world in his absence.

Read John 1:42

Jesus exerted his sovereignty over Simon by renaming him. Giving him a new identity. Your identity will always proceed your activity. You can’t be a disciple until you understand your new identity in Jesus.

How did Jesus “rename” you when you first encountered him? How does this effect your life as a disciple today??

Read John 1:51

Jesus promises amazing things to those who follow him. I believe that he promises his disciples that by following him they will see the glory of God and get to take part in it.

A disciple exists to glorify God..... We as a church exists to make disciples because we think this is the best way to glorify God.


Are you currently glorifying God with you life? How?
Is the glory of God the thing that you seek most with your life? What areas of your life can you honestly say glorify you?

- Are you willing to repent of those areas in hopes of being found like Nathanael, a child of God in whom there is no deceit? Nathanael was completely focused on honoring and knowing God?
- Where do you need to ask God to move in your life to be more like Nathanael?


Pray that all who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ will seek to glorify Him more with their lives. Pray for specific areas where you need to grow in this. 

Summit Church