Mark 14:1-11

Sermon Response

The Anointing of Jesus

Read Mark 14:1-11
The anointing of Jesus at Bethany. There are two key things to grasp in this passage. Verses 1-2 and 10-11 hold the first key point.

1. No one can take Jesus’ life from him he lays it down on his own accord. The religious leaders were not willing to touch Jesus during the passover celebration, but they capitalized on the golden opportunity that was Judas Iscariot.

2. The second key point is found in verses 3-9. It is taken from the beautiful picture of Mary anointing Jesus. We know it was Mary from the parallel account told in John 12. Mary is anointing Jesus as king, she is humbly worshiping him in the best way she knows how. The other disciples fail to see the beauty and ridicule her for her great waste of the perfume. Jesus comes to her defense saying two profound things. Verse 8... she is actually preparing me for my burial. Verse 9 what she has done is so great she will be remembered whenever the gospel is preached.


1. God is sovereign even over Judas’ betrayal. In what unexpected areas of your life do you see God sovereignty?

  1. Why do you think the disciples were so quick to ridicule Mary?

  2. Why do you think Jesus was so quick to come to her defense?

4. How will Jesus’ promise that Mary will be remembered wherever the gospel is preached come to pass?


The response to this passage is a simple one. Jesus is to be adored, worshiped, and exalted as our king. This is our gospel response to Him. His response to us is to humble himself, and become obedient to death even death on a cross. He becomes a servant of all and gives his life for you and for me. This incredible response proves the love of God for his creation and gives us hope. Jesus doesn’t just sit on his throne and receive his just praise, he invades your life and mine and becomes for you all you need. Jesus’ gospel response is so extravagant that it fuels our worship of him.

Respond to God as King, receive him as a suffering savior and ask him to be for you all you need.

1. How are you responding to Jesus right now? As your king. As the one you need?

2. What area of your life do you need Jesus to invade right now? Is there anything stopping you from asking him to do this?


God allow us to respond to you in a way that glorifies you and allows us to receive from you what only you can provide. You are my king! 

Summit Church