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Becoming a Christian is one of the simplest decisions we can make but very few of us truly understand what a mature follower of Christ looks like. Summit's Growth Track is our church's path to understanding and embracing our mission to make disciples for the glory of God. Each class reveals more clearly what a committed disciple of Christ looks like and how to live that out in our lives. The Growth Track is meant to be taken in sequence and classes are offered at various times throughout the year.

Current Classes

February 10th - Growth Track 101 and Growth Track 201 - NORMAN

February 17th - Growth Track 301 - NORMAN

April 7th - Growth Track 101 and Growth Track 201 - OKC

April 14th - Growth Track 301 - OKC

May 5th - Growth Track 101 and Growth Track 201 - NORMAN

May 19th - Growth Track 301 - NORMAN

Growth Track 101

Whether you are just figuring out what Christianity is or have been walking with Christ for many years, this will be a time of discovery and renewal in your understanding and commitment to what is at the heart of being a disciple, Jesus Christ.

Growth Track 301

What is God's call on my life? This is one of the most often asked questions by Christians. This will be a time of discovering how God has specifically gifted you and beginning the process of helping you find your specific place and role in the Body of Christ.

Growth Track 201


Growth Track 401