At Summit Church, we believe gospel community is the primary context for discipleship, because discipleship happens best in life-on-life relationships. This is where Home Groups shine! 

Four years ago Tim & Kelly Lashar decided to lead a home group of like minded people at Summit Church in an effort to follow through with Summit's beliefs in a gospel community. They meet every Wednesday at a home in Norman. Their group is classified as a multigenerational group. In the past they have had college students and young adults looking for older/mentor type home group leaders. Tim & Kelly lead the group together. They use Todd's sermon response as their guide for discussion.

"It's a great group for young empty nesters or people with college aged sons & daughters." -Marla Moore

"What I appreciate most about our home group is the opportunity to "flesh out" Pastor Todd's or Nate's Sunday morning sermon. I really look forward to meeting with those in my group to talk about how it looks in our daily lives and to encourage one another as we strive to apply it." -Angie Niblett

"We love the time we get with our friends weekly to talk about Gods word, Todd's lesson and pray and listen to our daily life's journeys. God has shown us favor by putting these special people in our lives. We have fun and laugh together and cry and hurt together." - Amy Newton

The group also believes in Missional Living by participating in service projects like Food & Shelter, Angel Tree and others.

Home groups are meant to not only to have people to study and practice what is discussed on Sunday mornings but also to create community. Home groups are where you know you can go and be fed but also feed into others. Having a group of people you know you can trust and lean on is life changing. This home group has been a consistent source of community for many couples.

"It's great to see how other Christians live their lives and tackle relationships." - Julie Stewart

"We have gone thru a very difficult and tragic time in our lives recently and our friendships in our home group have helped carry us through the pain. They graciously brought meals, prayed, called, gave of their resources and walked along side us every day. It has been a gift and such an amazing blessing to have them in our lives. It really is a lot of fun to watch God work in our group and as we are willing to pour and invest in others, the richer our lives have become." -Amy Newton

"Life isn't easy and having like-minded friends to spur you on and lend prayer support really makes a difference!" -Angie Niblett

The Lashar home group is a group of people that believe in the mission of Summit Church, "Making Disciples for the Glory of God" This group is proof of living to glorify God in the way they love on each other, openly welcoming anyone to their group and loving and learning about our gracious Father in Heaven.

"Our home group treasures our time together and the people in it are some of our dearest friends. We can't imagine life at Summit without our home group connection" -Kelly Lashar