Kids are only preschoolers for a moment and they're only in elementary for a season. The time we have to influence a kid in children's ministry is limited. Every phase is unique. Every phase matters. What our volunteers do matter too. Throughout the month of August we are asking our members to "Say Yes". Say yes to a wide variety of volunteer positions available throughout our children's ministry. 

Here's the story of how Vickie Martinez decided to "Say Yes"...

Two years ago Vickie decided to Say Yes because she enjoyed working with children and desired to be a part of Summit Kids. She works with the Pre K and Kindergarten children.

"Getting to know the children and watching them learn about the Bible stories and know that Jesus loves them was so inspiring."

" The way Summit does the program makes it easy to volunteer. crafts and games are packaged and have instructions on what to do. We go to theater to have our lesson and praise and worship with plenty of time to jump and sing. In class we say our memory verses with motions and we pray together. "

As we come to the end of our Say Yes campaign we would love for you to pray over finding your place here at Summit. If you are interested in saying yes, just like Vickie did email Matt Oberdick or follow the link see where you can serve using your unique talents and skills.

"Saying yes was the best decision I've made. To help children learn about Jesus and be a small part of their lives is priceless!" - Vickie Martinez