Kyle & Sam Schasteen along with their eight year old daughter, Maddie, have been members of Antioch Christian Church since 2003. Not only are the Schasteen’s heavily involved with the children’s minsitries at Antioch, Kyle is also an elder. Shortly after Nathan and Todd met for the first time the discussion of the merger began with the elders of both Antioch and Summit.


“Initially I was curious about motives - admittedly that isn’t the best reaction one could have…” -Kyle


“My first initial feeling was fear. Who are these people, can we trust their motives?” -Sam


Not only were there fears involving motifs but also there was a concern about the campus as an entirety. Kyle was processing as not only a church member but an elder as well, through what would happen with both the preschool and the academy, Antioch's bylaws, legality, and how the church member’s would feel as well.


Through much prayer and guidance from God both Kyle and Sam were able to open their hearts towards God’s plan for both Antioch & Summit.


“Meeting Todd & Jay immediately squelched my fears. They were both so genuine. Authenticity is an important virtue in my book and not only were they transparent, I could see God in them. I was on board 100%” - Sam


“Ultimately God was revealing his sovereignty to me, I wanted a sign, a message, a vision, something to convince me that this was God’s plan and not man’s plan. While God never gave to me a clear, supernatural-like proof of His will, He showed me his authority through all of this by leading us through the mine field step-by-step and we didn’t get blown up. I believe God gave me the faith I needed for this.” - Kyle


Kyle & Sam, like others, have been through a rollercoaster of emotions since the beginning discussions of a merger. Where fear and distrust could have taken over this plan they sought out God in their decision faithfully. 


“I am excited because I know when God goes before us, we are walking on holy ground. I think He has so much in store for us, immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. As long as we keep our eyes focussed on Him, we can do the work He has prepared in advance for us to do.” - Sam
“I think the future hold a lot of hard work. I say that in the most optimistic way. If we’re busy doing work, then we’ll be reaching people and make disciples. When we, as a church, collectively rest and ask to be served rather than ask to serve, that’s when we’ll find ourselves more and more asking for God to bless us than asking God to bless other through us.” - Kyle

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