5 men, Toby Rodriquez, Tom Jablonski, Wes Stark, Tracey Powell & Nathan Tate spent 5 days camping in the Kiamichi Mountains in Eastern Oklahoma - just south of Tallahina - the week of May 1-5, 2017.  It was a week filled with fun and adventure, an incredible amount of good food - thanks to Tom, and some spiritual enlightenment through some good preaching.

The men spent the week getting to know each other by sitting around campfires, eating, listening to each others stories, discussing life, family, finances and spirituality. There was time spent listening to preaching as well.

"It was really great to spend some time with the other guys and get to know their stories. We got to feast on great food with some great men..." -Tracey Powell

On the last night an older couple's RV caught on fire and burned to the ground. The guy's week ended with a bit of excitement but also sadness for this couple. One of the men recognized a need and immediately met it by helping the couple financially. 

Overall the week ended up being exactly what it was intended to be, a great time spent outdoors with other Godly men.

" I now consider those guys my brothers after sharing this week with them." -Nathan Tate