At Summit Church we believe gospel community is the primary context for discipleship, because discipleship happens best in life-on-life relationships. This is where Home Groups shine! Four years ago Ryan & Cassidy Willis decided to open their home to like minded people at Summit Church in an effort to follow through with Summit's beliefs in a gospel community.

"In the beginning I approached it like a Bible Study & Prayer group and to some extent it still is. The more important role in my opinion has surfaced as we've lived life and grown families together, the role of Jesus loving community. My goal for our Home Group is that we live life together in community and we encourage each other to have a Biblical Worldview, to see our lives through the lens of Scripture and we live our lives and raise our kids constantly being governed by the Word."  - Ryan Willis

In the four years since beginning the Willis Home Group it has grown to host seventeen adults between the ages of 24 - 40 and ten children between the ages of 7 years - 3 Months. Home Groups are centered around Christ and focus on becoming closer to Him with others doing the same thing. Growing in the love of Christ and in His Truth with others creates a bond that isn't easily broken but is easily pushed outward and having this allows the group to become your people, your church.

"We are doing life together and loving each other right where we are at and that is more special to me as a wife, a mom, a friend, and a Christian than anything else and has allowed me to grow in ways that will continue to shape my walk with Christ." - Taylor Epling

"For my wife and I finding a group of friends that we can do life with has been one of the most beneficial things for our family. We have 3 kids and knowing that we are exposing them to people who love the Lord and will walk through life with us is such a blessing." - Timmy Coleman

Not only does the Home Group gather every other Monday evening they also gather to celebrate each other's successes, babies, birthdays and holidays. They are not only centered around Christ but community as well. Community is the context of a disciple and as a church we are here to make disciples for the glory of God.

"We've walked together in joy and sorrow and loved each other like family. And we've seen that the more committed someone is to the group the more committed they become to the Church, I think that's one of Christ's goals in leading us into community." - Ryan Willis

"We truly are not meant to live this life alone." - Ryan Willis